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  Name & Surname (Optional):
  Business Name (Optional):
  What are your biggest small business challenges?:  Admin & Bookkeeping
 Advertising & Marketing
 Funding - or cash flow
 Information and support
 Sales and access to markets
  If Other, please tell us more?:
  Are your business running at its full potential?:  Yes
  Is your business legally in compliance?:  Is your business registered?
 Is your annual S.A.R.S returns up to date?
 Is your annual C.I.P.C returns up to date?
 Is your U.I.F up to date?
 Is your workmans compesation up to date?
  If not, please tell us why?:
  What bookkeeping system do you use?:
  Do you have seperate admin staff?:  Yes
  Do you have seperate bookkeeping staff?:  Yes
  Do you have a registered accountant doing your ann:  Yes
  Answered no (previous 3 questions) reason?:
  Do you have business systems in place?:  Yes
  What kind of business systems?:
  Do you have a sales and/or marketing plan?:  Yes
  How many people do you employee?:
  Sales target for next financial year?:  Less than R120 000 p.a.
 R120 001 - R300 000 p.a
 R300 001 - R500 000 p.a
 R500 001 - R1 000 000 p.a
 More than R1 000 000 p.a
  Will you be able to reach these targets?:  Yes
  Why or why not?:
  What will help u 2 make your business successful?:
  Any other info we can use to improve this survey?:

After filling the details click on the SUBMIT button.

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